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"A ghost can be a lot of things. A memory, a daydream, a secret. Grief, anger, guilt. But in my experience most times they’re just what we want to see…..Most times a ghost is a wish" 
- The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

Book Affair: literature wrap-up,

Wrap Up | October 2018

I told myself, I am going to take my reading slow as the only time I got for reading is when my son is asleep and, I wish to watch few shows on Netflix as well. Hence, I kept my investment light.

First book I finished this month was Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christine Lauren. Josh and Hazel supposed to not date but to help each other to be in the game. It is light, fun and uncomplicated. With an ample amount of Hazel’s peculiarity, cowboy’s boot and cute doggo –I like the simplicity of the book. Cute rapport between characters. My favorite take, 
"I realize that finding the perfect person isn't going to be easy for me because I'm a lot to take," she says, "but I'm not going to change just so that I'm more datable. At the end of the day, being myself is enough. I'm enough."
The Royal Runaway by Lindsay Emory, I discovered this book while I was scrolling Instagram and immediately attracted to the cover. Still reeling from The Crown, I picked this one in a whim. So Princess Theodora, the second in line of the throne of Drieden was jilted on her wedding day and after 4 months in exile, recuperating from the shame, princess decided to sneak out and let loose. She met what she thought was her Prince Charming but that sexy scot was her former fiancĂ©’s brother—a British spy who demands answer to the country’s scandal. Fast paced, cute romance, some gun-packed action and enough political drama. My take, 
“Well-behaved woman seldom make history,”
Thirdly, Getting Off by Erica Garza that was selected as our buddy-read group. I made a lengthy review of it (excuse my aggressiveness). In short, I was not amused.

The last book I finished in October was Dirty Headline by LJ Shen, an intense romance between a Chuck wearing journalist and her Alphadouche but hot as hell boss. I enjoy the cute banter and their sassy one-liner.

Now that I have penned it down, it is indeed an awfully light investment.